TalkBank Symposium

Language Emergence: Competition, Usage, and Analyses

Workshops and Symposium honoring the impact of Brian MacWhinney on Language Research

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Photos from the Workshop

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Thursday, June 6


08:30 New Methods in TalkBank

Davida Fromm -- Carnegie Mellon University Workshop Guide and Tutorials

Jamila Minga – North Carolina Central University RHDBank and Powerpoint

10:00 Conversation Banks and CA -- Brian MacWhinney - Carnegie Mellon University CABank, CEAPP and Powerpoint

10:45 FluencyBank, CLASP, and AVE - Nan Bernstein Ratner – University of Maryland FluencyBank and Powerpoint

11:45 TalkBank-DB – John W. Kowalski – Carnegie Mellon University Workshop Guide and WebSite

1:15 Alejandrina Cristia – CNRS (remote) "Modeling infant word segmentation: Another example of discovery fueled by CHILDES" Powerpoint and Remote Presentation

1:45 HomeBank – Mark VanDam - Washington State University & Anne S. Warlaumont UCLA Powerpoint

2:45 CHILDES-DB - Michael C. Frank - Stanford University (remote) "The role of data sharing in the empirical study of language learning: WordBank, MetaLab, and CHILDES-DB” childes-db and Powerpoint

3:30 Databrary – Rick Gilmore - Penn State University DataBrary

4:15 PhonBank - Yvan Rose - Memorial University of Newfoundland Workshop Guide

5:30 DementiaBank - Michelle Bourgeois - University of South Florida Powerpoint

Friday, June 7


Session chair: Rick Gilmore

8:30 Catherine Snow – Harvard University “CHILDES and TALKBANK: Contributions to extending beyond learning language to language for learning” Powerpoint and Video.

9:00 Annick De Houwer - Universität Erfurt, Germany “Corpus based work with CHAT/CLAN: A small catalog” Powerpoint and Video also DeHouwer-input.pdf from TILAR

9:30 Elena Lieven – University of Manchester “The value of corpus data in interpreting experimental results” Talk PDF and Video

10:00 Kenji Sagae – University of California, Davis “Data-driven measurement of grammatical development with CHILDES” Video

Other Child Language

Session chair: Ping Li

10:45 Morten H. Christiansen – Cornell University “Language acquisition as learning to process: Cross-linguistic insights from CHILDES” Learning Model and Talk PDF andVideo

11:15 Nan Bernstein Ratner and Students - University of Maryland “CHILDES and FluencyBank – Kumbaya Language Science” Powerpoint and Video

11:45 Yvan Rose - Memorial University of Newfoundland “PhonBank data and analyses: State of the art and potential for future expansions” Talk PDF and Video


Session chair: Roman Taraban

1:45 Florian Metze Carnegie Mellon University "The speech recognition virtual kitchen: Analyzing daylong audio recordings and more” Talk PDF and Video

2:15 Mark VanDam – Washington State University “Everyday speech and language development in preschoolers with hearing loss" Talk Powerpoint and Video

2:45 Leanne Togher – The University of Sydney “TBI Bank – Facilitating the examination of longitudinal communication recovery data following severe TBI” TBIBank Presentations and Video

3:15 Rick Gilmore Penn State University & Karen Adolph New York University “Open by design: How TalkBank inspired Databrary and paved the way for the open science movement” Video


Session chair: Ping Li

4:00 William O’Grady – University of Hawaii “Direct mapping” Talk Powerpoint and Talk Video

4:30 Adele E. Goldberg – Princeton University “Competition and Emergence” Talk PDF and Video and CogSci paper.

5:00 Maryellen C. MacDonald - University of Wisconsin-Madison "The role of language production in language learning" and Video and Memory.pdf and Practice.pdf

Saturday, June 8


Session chair: Patricia Brooks

9:00 Ping Li – Penn State University “The second language brain: Neurocognitive and computational bases” BLC Lab and Video

9:30 James R. Booth – Vanderbilt “Specialization of language processing in the young brain” Talk PDF and Video

10:00 Arturo E. Hernandez – University of Houston “Language, development and the bilingual brain: A neuroemergentist account” NeuroEmergentism and Video

Language Acquisition

Session chair: Janet McDonald

10:45 Catherine Caldwell-Harris - Boston University & Brian MacWhinney – Carnegie Mellon University “Emergent constraints on second language learning” Powerpoint and Video

11:15 Patricia Brooks – CUNY "Scaffolding of language development via conversational overlap" Impact of overlap and Powerpoint and Video

11:45 Vera Kempe – Abertay University “The role of children in the emergence of communication systems” Efficient Adults and Powerpoint and Video


Session chair: Vera Kempe

1:30 Janet McDonald – Louisiana State University “Using the Competition Model to test language learning principles in the lab” Input Enhancement and Powerpoint and Video

2:00 Roman Taraban – Texas Tech University “Naïve Bayes, cue validity, and the Competition Model” Powerpoint and Video

2:30 Edward Gibson – MIT “On the inadequacy of Gibson’s 1992 review of the Competition Model" Talk PDF and Video

3:00 Nick Ellis – University of Michigan “SLA, statistical learning, and corpus linguistics” Video

Second Language Learning

Session chair: Janet McDonald

3:45 Helen Zhao – University of Melbourne “Applying the Competition Model to eCALL learning” Articles.pdf and Talk PDF and Video

4:15 Yanping Dong – Guangdong University of Foreign Studies “The emergence of the complex language skill of interpreting” Dong-ITS.pdf

4:45 Anat Prior – University of Haifa “A cognitive perspective on cross language influences” Prior Lab Page and Powerpoint and Video

5:15 Natasha Tokowicz & Tessa Warren – University of Pittsburgh “The Competition Model and adult second language learning: The consequences of cross-language similarity on learning L2 morpho-syntax” PlumLab and 4 Papers, Powerpoint and Video

5:45 Brian MacWhinney – Carnegie Mellon University “Closing remarks” Powerpoint and Video

Funding for this conference was made possible (in part) by 1 R13 DC018182-01 from the National Institue on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. The views expressed in written conference materials and publications and by speakers and moderators do not necessarility reflect the official policies of the Department of Heatlh and Human Services; nor does mention by trade names, commercial practices, or organizations imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.